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Eastern Partnership Business Days

In the framework of the German Presidency of the European Council, the German Eastern Business Association would like to discuss the prospects for economic cooperation between the countries of the European Union and the countries of the Eastern Partnership together with the EU Commission, the German Foreign Office and NRW.Global Business: What can the European Union contribute in this context? Where do the partner countries stand economically after ten years of the Eastern Partnership and what expectations do they have for future economic cooperation towards EU countries and companies?
We would like to answer these and other questions within the framework of the Eastern Partnership Business Days during country-specific panels. In addition, there will be a final wrap-up / closing panel on 17 December 2020. This final panel will bring together the experiences of the bilateral formats and develop recommendations for strengthening the economic component of the Eastern Partnership. Of interest here are the questions of how the partner countries can be better integrated into European value chains, how they can increase their export capacity and make the investment conditions in the country more attractive.

In six bilateral country panels and one closing session, we will discuss these topics with high ranking officials from the EaP countries, European Commission and the business community. Please find the appropriate programs below (download pdf).

All sessions will take place in digital formats.

The registration for all panels or selected panels is possible via https://oa-event.de with registration code: EaPBusiness2020.



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